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Membership Grades

Wednesday 7 January, 2015


Applications for SIA grades including Chartered Professional Member, Fellow SIA and Chartered Fellow SIA have now closed. Certification of Generalist OHS Professionals will commence on 31 January 2015. Applications for general member status are still being accepted.

Open to anyone who is passionate about OHS. There are no requirements for this level of membership.

Applicants can apply online or fill out an application form .

Please note: For a period of 6 months SIA members who are financial as at 31 January 2015, will be able to apply for certification as an OHS Professional/ practitioner through a simplified and significantly discounted process, $130 as opposed to $450. Please refer to the attached FAQ for details.

If you would like further information about the membership categories, please contact Catherine Reid, Membership Coordinator at catherine@sia.org.au or on 03 8336 1995.

Continuing Professional Development

Details on Continuing Professional Development.