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The Safety Institute of Australia is nearly 70 years old, its origins belonging to a small group of students who enrolled in and attended the first industrial Safety and Accident Prevention course conducted by the (then) Melbourne Technical College in 1948. This group remained together and formed nucleus of the Safety Engineering Society of Australia and held regular monthly meetings.

Membership of the society expanded steadily and reached the stage where every state had formed a division. With time, it became apparent that the term “Safety Engineering” in the society’s name had an implied bias and emphasised only one of the many disciplines associated with the effective control of accidents, injuries and diseases. As a result, the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) was incorporated in 1977 with a new constitution and members of the society became members of the new SIA.

SIA has a long and proud history in working with regulators, employers, unions and government departments in the pursuit of more effective health and safety policy, regulation and in particular, practice. Today across Australia, the SIA has over 4,000 individual members and partnerships with over 60 companies who share our vision for safe and healthy workers in productive workplaces.

Annual Reports & Strategic Plan

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SIA Presidents/Chairs

Patrick Murphy (CFSIA - ChOHSP)

2013 - CURRENT

David Skegg (CFSIA - ChOHSP)

2002 - 2005

Bill Lessels

1986 - 1987

Malcolm Burgin (CFSIA - ChOHSP)

2012 (half of year) - 2013

Geoff Dell (CFSIA)

1996 - 2002

Frank Davis

1985 - 1986

Sue Pilkington (CFSIA - ChOHSP)

2010 - 2012 (half of year)

Gill Ross (FSIA)

1994 - 1996

Laurie Mason

1983 - 1985

Barry Silburn (CFSIA)

2008 - 2010

Brian Emerson (FSIA)

1992 - 1994

Lyle Leibhardt 

1979 - 1983

Geoff Dell (CFSIA)

2007 - 2008

Ivon Northage 

1991 - 1992

Ron Moulds

1977 - 1979

Phil Lovelock (CFSIA - ChOHSP)

2005 - 2006

Gary Knobel 

1987 - 1991

K. Isbester

1976 - 1977


Life Members

Gill (Donald) Ross


Sheryl Dell


Ern Millard


Barry Silburn


Neville Betts


Neil Dine


 John Moroney


David Skegg


Stephen Brindley


Patrick Doherty


Patrick Murphy


Robert Tacy


Fred Catlin


Roger Fairfax 


Peter Nuzum


Geoffrey Taylor 


Gary Chaplin


Terry Farr


Allan Pearce


Jim Toshach


Cipriano Corva

(FSIA - Retired)

Geoffrey Hitchings


Frederick Randall


Glyn Williams


Frank Davis

Les Jackson


Richard Ridout


Ralph Willson


Geoffrey Dell


Trevor Love


Philip Lovelock


Dr Margaret Cook


David Randall


John Kirwan


A/Prof Janis Jansz




Honorary Fellows

Michael Chan  

Niki Ellis

Trevor Jensen

Jocelyn Plovits

Alan Clayton

Dennis Else

Sylvia Kidziak  

Don Schofield  

Michael Costello

Brian Gibson 

Gary Lawson-Smith

Rob Seljak

Jean Cross 

Grace Grace

John McDonald

Barry Sherriff

Martin Dolan

Donald Hector 

John Merritt 

Derek Viner

Andrew Douglas 

 Julie Honore

Michele Patterson   

John Watson 


Lifetime Achievement

Geoff McDonald (FSIA)

Ciaran MacCarron (FSIA)

Leo Ruschena (CFSIA - ChOHSP)