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The ACT is one of the smaller Branches of the Institute with 80+ members but draws this membership from some very powerful organisations from an overall OHS perspective.  

Among our membership are senior OHS people from a range of key government agencies including the ACT OHS Commission, ACT OHS Council, the Office of the Federal Safety Commission and Safe Work Australia as well as senior Defence OHS personnel. Also in our membership are a number of consultants and OHS officers from the Commonwealth, ACT Government and the private sector.  

Members have the opportunity to meet face to face in networking and other meetings approximately. The ACT Committee develops a program of events each year which respond to members interests and develop member skills in relation to safety management within the Commonwealth and Private sectors of both ACT and Southern NSW. The ACT Branch seeks opportunities to form strategic alliances with likeminded professional associates and organisations.  

Visitors are always welcome, and our network is open to health and safety people of all ages and all levels for people just entering the field, to the most highly experienced people.

The ACT Committee Members are: Ian De Costa (Branch Chair), Phil Edwards (Deputy Branch Chair), Philip Howard (Secretary), Amanda Day, Patricia Devlin Hourigan, PJ Fleming, John Everett, Coline Constable, Kerry Plunkett, David Segrott and Angela Maples.

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